Ducal Oliver

Code: EDCL143548
Added: 30/12/2016 09:20
Updated: 30/12/2016 09:20
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Collection: 93
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ET date: 12 December 2016
Place: Restaurant Mont-bell (Vallromanes).

Placa amb faldó color groc i color vermell i text color negre rivetat de blanc.
Contorn i centre color gris clar amb text i escut color negre.
B color blanc amb contorn color negre.
Plate with *faldó yellow colour and red colour and text riveting black colour of white.
Outline and centre clear grey colour with text and shield black colour.
*B White colour with outline black colour.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap Cava - Ducal Oliver - Cava - Brut Nature
Center Alfabet Català B
colorless - there is no color