Taps de rosca

Code: ETDR102810
Added: 17/07/2013 13:08
Updated: 17/07/2013 13:40
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Tap de color daurat (or nou), pàl·lid.
Faldó: números de color negre.
Contorn: lletres dins d'un cercle, de color negre.
Centre: text, dos cercles i estel de color negre.
Revers: de color alumini i estel de color negre.
Tap golden (or new), pale. Skirt: Black numbers. Outline: letters within a circle of black. Center text, two circles and black star. Reverse: aluminum color and black star.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap M.U. nº 92460 - M.I. nº 59057
Outline CMSA
Center Codorniu
colorless - there is no color