France (champagne)

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Lambert:nº 7 (Titanic)

Placa de color blanc.
Faldó: text "Champagne - Champagne" de color negre, "Moussy i Gallois-Houdart" de color vermell,
Centre: text "1912, 2012 - centenaire" de color vermell, "Titanic" de color negre rivetat en blanc, tot dins un cercle de color vermell, dibuix d'un iceberg, amb tons color gris-negre.
White plate. Skirt: text "Champagne - Champagne" black, "Gallois and Moussy-HOUDART" Red Centre: text "1912 2012 - Centennial" red "Titanic" black white trim, all within a red circle, drawing an iceberg, with gray-black tones.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap Champagne Moussy Champagne Gallois-Houdart
Center 1912 Titanic 2012 Centenaire
colorless - there is no color