Celler Vell

Code: ECLV149523
Added: 26/06/2017 10:50
Updated: 24/07/2017 20:30
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Placa amb faldó i contorn, gris
Faldó: text vermell, rivetat de groc.
Centre: color rosat, text, "Celler Vell - Rosat", blanc i de fons, lleres "CV", verd clar.
Plate with *faldó, grey and red text, riveting of yellow.
Centre: of pink colour, and text, "Pink Old Cellar", in white.
Outline: of grey colour, and centre, letters "CV", green.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap Brut - Brut
Center Celler Vell - Rosat - CV
colorless - there is no color