El Mas Ferrer

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Placa de color blau-turquesa.
Faldó: text, blanc.
Centre: text, blanc, logotip "MF" blanc i daurat (or nou) i de fons, escut, daurat (or nou).

No confondre amb la 155099 aquesta posa cava al faldó.
Plate of blue colour-turquoise.
Flap: Text, white.
Centre: text, white, logotype "white" and golden MF (gold nine) and of bottom, shield, golden (gold nine).

Not confusing with the 155099 this puts digs to the Flap.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap Subirats - El Mas Ferrer - Cava - Gran Reserva 2013
Center 30 Aniversari 1987-2017 - MF - Segle XXI
colorless - there is no color