Godart, Vve.
France (champagne)

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Lambert num. 11

Placa de color blanc.
Faldó: estriat amb ratlles daurades i negres.
Centre: fons blanc, contorn i dibuix de color vermell, text "Champagne" i "& Fils" color daurat (or), text "Godart" lletra buida color negre, i "Moussy" color negre.
Plate of white colour.
Flap: Grooved with golden and black lines.
Centre: white bottom, outline and drawing of red colour, text "*Champagne" and "& Threads" golden colour (gold), text "*Godart" empty letter black colour, and "*Moussy" black colour.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Center Champagne - Godart - & Fils - Moussy
colorless - there is no color