Gobillard, Jean Marie et Fils
France (champagne)

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Lambert:nº 51e

Placa multicolor, (tons marrons).
Faldó: text marró fosc, rivetat blanc.
Centre: lletra "I" marró.
A tota placa, dibuixos.

Sèrie de 11 pl. que formen la paraula "Hautvillers"
Plate *multicolor, (brown tones).
*Faldó: Dark brown text, riveting white.
Centre: letter "And" brown.
To all plate, drawings.

Series of 11 *pl. That form the word "*Hautvillers"

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap A. Hautvillers - Champagne - A. Hautvillers - Champagne
Center I
colorless - there is no color