Isabel Ventura Mavlyutova

Code: EIVM168375
Added: 17/07/2019 12:53
Updated: 23/07/2019 20:24
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Placa d'argent envellida (Ag.)
Contorn: contrast i número de tirada (gravat)..
Centre: text i logotip.

Placa sortejada a la trobada de Cal Maristany -
Sant Pere Sacarrera - Mediona el 17-07-2019.
Plate of silver aged (Aug.)
Outline: contrast and number of thrown (engraving)..
Centre: text and logotype.

Plate *sortejada to the meeting of It Is necessary *Maristany -
San Pedro *Sacarrera - *Mediona the 17-07-2019.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Outline 925 - 01-40
Center LD'O - Llàgrima d'Or
colorless - there is no color