El Mas Ferrer

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Placa de color blanc i negre.
Centre: text, Brut Nature i El Mas Ferrer de color vermell, sobre fons blanc i dins d'un doble rectangle, amb tons de color gris, Cava, L'Avi Albert de color vermell, rivetat de negre i 1921-1983, de color negre.
Plate of white and black colour.
Centre: text, Gross *Nature and The Mas Ferrer of red colour, on white bottom and in a double rectangle, with tones of grey colour, Digs, The Grandfather Albert of red colour, riveting of black and 1921-1983, of black colour.

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Text Background Text
Center Brut Nature - Cava L'Avi Albert - 1921-1983 - El Mas Ferrer
colorless - there is no color