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Updated: 14/05/2019 10:34
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Placa amb faldó, contorn i part del centre, gris molt fosc quasi negre, mat, amb dibuixos de papallones negres.
Faldó: text, gris argentat.
Part del centre, negre, text, dibuix i cercle ondulant, gris argentat.

Producte: Brut Nature 2014
Plate with *faldó, outline and part of the centre, grey very dark almost black, matt, with drawings of black butterflies.
*Faldó: Text, grey *argentat.
Part of the centre, black, text, drawing and circle *ondulant, grey *argentat.

Product: Dirty *Nature 2014

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Text Background Text
Flap Corpinnat - Sabaté i Coca - Corpinnat - Sabaté i Coca
Center Mosset
colorless - there is no color