Cuscó Berga

Code: ECUB174019
Added: 14/05/2019 19:15
Updated: 14/05/2019 19:15
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Placa color daurat.
Faldó: text.
Centre: text i logotip.

Placa lliurada seca per la compra del lot de la trobada de les Caves Cuscó Berga el 11-05-2019.
Plate golden colour.
*Faldó: Text.
Centre: text and logotype.

Dry rid plate for the purchase of the batch of the meeting of them Dig *Cuscó *Berga the 11-05-2019.

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Text Background Text
Flap Magnum
Center Caves - Cuscó Berga - Vins
colorless - there is no color