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Updated: 13/09/2019 09:28
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Placa amb faldó rosat i text, negre.
Contorn i centre, text negre, sobre fons marró/daurat, cercle ample rosat, cercle negre, cercle ample negre amb dibuixos de rombes grisos i logotip "LL" i punts marró daurat, sobre fons negre.

Plate with *faldó pink and text, black.
Outline and centre, black text, on golden brown/bottom, pink wide circle, black circle, wide circle black with drawings of grey rhombuses and logotype "LL" and golden brown points, on black bottom.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap Since - Des de - 1887 - Ex Vite Vita
Center Rosé Brut - LL - Llopart
colorless - there is no color