Agustí Torelló

Code: EAGT179501
Added: 19/09/2019 11:57
Updated: 19/09/2019 11:57
Views: 849
Collection: 113
Repeated: 2
Wanted: 175
No interested: 83 (6%)
ET date: 14 September 2019
Place: Gualba

CPC:No catalogada

Placa amb faldó i contorn, carabassa.
Contorn: número de tirada, negre.
Centre: text, dos estels i cercle blanc, dins d'un cercle ample marró i logotip carabassa, sobre fons blanc.
Revers: imatge multicolor.
Plate with *faldó and outline, *carabassa.
Outline: number of thrown, black.
Centre: text, two kites and white circle, in a brown wide circle and logotype *carabassa, on white bottom.
*Revers: Image multicolored.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Outline 114-180
Center Cava - Agustí Torelló Mata
colorless - there is no color