Raventós Soler

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Added: 09/07/2006 14:18
Updated: 20/02/2015 11:07
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Placa amb faldó i contorn de color vermell.
Faldó: text de color daurat (or).
Centre: de color gris clar, text, dos estels i logotip (RS), de color negre, cercle i 75é (accent tancat), de color daurat (or).
La lletra "s" de sadurní, és minúscula.
Plate with skirt and red outline. Skirt: text color gold (gold). Center: light gray, text, logo and two stars (RS), black circle and 75th (closed accent), golden (gold). The letter "s" in Sadurní is tiny.

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Text Background Text
Flap Cava - Aniversari - 1925-2000
Center Raventós Soler - Sant sadurní d'Anoia - R S - 75é
colorless - there is no color