No Validables

Code: NOV022012
Added: 09/08/2006 08:30
Updated: 16/04/2017 11:07
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Placa color vermell.
Logotip i text color blanc.

Seguint aquesta norma passa a no validable;
També es consideren plaques de prova aquelles que, després d'un temps prudencial, no les tenen un nombre considerable d'usuaris.
Plate red colour.
Logotype and text white colour.

Following this norm happens to no *validable;
Also they consider plates of test those that, after a prudential time, do not have them a considerable numeral of users.

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Text Background Text
Flap 1a Trobada de Calçots 7M. 11-2-06.
Center Que Bueno Estoy !!!.
colorless - there is no color