Alsina & Sardà

Code: EALS000256
Added: 31/12/2004 18:49
Updated: 02/05/2017 10:40
Views: 3081
Collection: 1295
Repeated: 451
Wanted: 2
No interested: 40 (2.9%)

Viader:0269a (or nou) - 0269b (or vell)
CPC: ALS301a "or nou" ALS301b "or vell"

Placa de color verd fosc.
Centre: text i dos punts, de color daurat (or), dins dos cercles de color blanc.
El daurat, existeix en "or vell" i "or nou".
Plate dark green. Center: text and two points, golden (gold) within two white circles. Gold, exist in "old gold" and "new gold".

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Center Cava - Alsina & Sardà - Cava - Alsina & Sardà - A & S
colorless - there is no color