Agustí Torelló

Code: EAGT002634
Added: 18/03/2005 19:09
Updated: 23/01/2021 20:23
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Collection: 1209
Repeated: 389
Wanted: 7
No interested: 40 (2.9%)

Viader:1439 -b- Lletres primes
CPC:AGT303a - (anell mostassa)
CPC:AGT303b - (anell groc)

Placa amb faldó i contorn de color negre.
Centre: de color groc i blanc, sobre el groc, text, dos estels i dos cercles, de color daurat (or) i sobre el blanc, logotip, de color daurat (or).
Text: lletres PRIMES.

Aquesta placa te una rèplica RBA amb el número PR45004556
Plate with *faldó and outline of black colour.
Centre: of yellow and white colour, on the yellow, text, two kites and two circles, of golden colour (gold) and on the white, logotype, of golden colour (gold).
Text: THIN letters.

This plate you a reply RBA with the number PR45004556

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Center Cava - Agustí Torelló Mata
colorless - there is no color