Gauthier, D
France (champagne)

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Lambert:nº 18

Placa color crema.
Faldó: text, vermell.
Centre: text, "Foire aux Bülles" vermell sobre fons blanc, rivetat de vermell, "Bar-sur-Aube", vermell i bombolles de fons, verd clar.
Plate colour burns.
Flap: Text, red.
Centre: text, "*Foire *aux *Bülles" red on white bottom, riveting of red, "Bar-*sur-*Aube", red and bubbles of bottom, clear green.

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap Champagne de septembre - D. Gauthier - 1er weekend
Center Foire aux Bülles - Bar-sur-Aube
colorless - there is no color