Enblave S.L.

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Placa d'argent (Ag.)
Contorn: contrast (gravat).
Centre: logotip, lletra "B" i raïm.

Sèrie de tres plaques: 69776 - 69777 - 69778, plata, coure i llautó emesa per commemorar el 10è aniversari de les caves.
Els productes van en un estoig de tres ampolles: Brut Nature, Rosat i Reserva.
Plate of silver (Aug.)
Outline: contrast (engraving).
Centre: logotype, letter "*B" and grape.

Series of three plates: 69776 - 69777 - 69778, silver, copper and brass issued by *commemorar the 10th anniversary of them dig.
The products go in a case of three bottles: Gross *Nature, Pink and Reservation.

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Text Background Text
Outline 925
Center B
colorless - there is no color