Canals Nadal

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Added: 19/09/2005 10:00
Updated: 22/05/2018 11:13
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Placa de color vermell i negre.
Faldó: text, "Penedés - Cava", negre i " Pla - del", vermell.
Centre: text, sobre el negre, "Canals Nadal" blanc i sobre el vermell, "15 - 1986 - 2001", estel i semicercle, negre i logotip (acn), blanc, vermell i negre.

Aquesta placa te una replica RBA amb el numero PR45004867
Al faldó porta la paraula "Reproducción"
Plate of red and black colour.
Flap: Text, "*Penedés - Digs", black and " Flat - of the", red.
Centre: text, on the black, "Channels white" Christmas and on the red, "15 - 1986 - 2001", kite and *semicercle, black and logotype (*acn), white, red and black.

This plate you one retorts RBA with it number PR45004867
To the Flap brings the word "*Reproducción"

Automatic translation see original text

Text Background Text
Flap Cava - Pla del Penedès
Center Canals Nadal - 15 - 1986-2001 - acn
colorless - there is no color